Le Noir et Le Blanc

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Whilst downtown masquerade  is the trend of the moment, only 5km out of town you can find incredibly quiet and almost achingly pure moments, like this ice on Thumsee. I created some more images today, but in my eyes nothing could match this quiet pattern of ice, hoarfrost and water.

With this image I send special regards to Martha in Vienna, who has a special appreciation for that place.


  1. Markus, wonderful textures, tones and a strong presences in this photo. Well done, and your eyes are absolutely correct in selecting this one for posting.

  2. While I’ve enjoyed all of your recent images, this one is indeed special. As Carl says, “a wonderful convergence of form”. I almost wish that you hadn’t mentioned what you’d photographed here. I think I’d rather wonder exactly what it was. Even though the color is very cool, there’s an almost sensuous quality to this.

    1. Thanks to all for the kind works. Finding images like this is *the* big incentive for me, and my ability to spot those forms and resonate is what I pursue to develop. Now I am looking forward how this image will look when it comes from the lab – I still could not decide to start printing myself.

  3. Thank you for these beautiful images of Thumsee. Although I live in America, my beloved father was born and raised in this region and his ashes lovingly placed in Lake Thumsee this month. He loved this lake and was a lifeguard here many years ago. Your photos brought tears and memories to me. I will check periodly for more pictures of this beautiful landscape! Thank you.

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