Winter in the Moor

Whilst winter is still not in full swing – the rare snowflakes that make it to the ground melt during daytime – in Schönram bog the scarce snow makes up for a beautiful landscape: white areas that contrast against the dark logs, green needles that still peek through the snow.

Icycle V
The Icycle

As it matches the season so well, I have put up a gallery of hoarfrost images that I took last January. It was really cold then, fingers going numb in almost no time. So besides a number of good images this day resulted in the acquisition of a pair of climber’s gloves from Black Diamond. These gloves are meant for ice climbing, the finger-form is pre-bent and the leather strong but at the same time fine enough to enable you to handle the camera. Higly recommended!


  1. Thank you very much for the tip: I am looking for some photographer’s gloves for some time now … I never thought of climber’s gloves.

  2. I love when conditions are right for fluffy snow which gently lays over grass and tree branches. The cool tones in the first photo certainly adds to moment. Beautiful!

  3. Call me weird, but I love those snowy-darkish woods in winter. Nice shot and good exposure (not too bright)! Emphasizes the mood just perfectly…

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