Snow on a Pine Tree

Schönram, Bavaria

Whilst yesterday’s image shows a slight lack of sharpness due to the flexibly boggy soil, which moved under the tripod a tiny bit, the pine tree today is almost painfully sharp. And while I do not regret that softness in the complex dreamscape, in today’s image the sharpness I think is crucial – here that tree is almost cut out against the landscape, in my eyes emphasizing that feeling of solitude epitomized by this landscape.


  1. At first I thought of Charlie Browns’s Christmas tree, but it’s really a lovely image. So soft and the coloring is very subtle.

  2. I find it often very hard to judge when “sharp” is “too sharp” … but this one is definitely not on the side of too sharp or even painfully sharp. The colouring and the breakup “bank with tree – sea – bank on the other side – sky” is very good.

  3. What a nice impression! I somehow like bogs, those are special places with a very unique mood, especially the one near Schönram. When I was a kid, I loved those small trails through the wood. I still do. Call me a bog-lover!

  4. Nice one! I fully agree with Martina regarding the difficulty to judge the necessary ‘sharpness’ of a photo. This one really matches the mood.

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