Instead of eating Burgers, again

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Similar situation as the one that had led to that post: A birthday party, that time at MacDo’s in Freilassing. It is definitely not my cup of tea, but I try to let my kids find out themselves, and at least this gave me the opportunity to go for 90 minutes to Sch√∂nram bog again. Twilight was setting in, and one of the last images I took is this one: scarce, almost zen-like, and a stark contrast to the kind of “life” I was confronted with when returning to that burger frying place.


  1. Yesterday, I read an article about filters which re-introduce grain into digital images (reminds me on adding scratches to mp3 tunes). This picture could be one to experience with and to provide the water with an almost invisible structure. By the way, I had to collect my kids from their ‘once a year Burger experience’ today as well….

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