instead of eating burgers

my daughters were invited by a classmate for a birthday party in salzburg airport center’s burger king, and i did prefer not to stay. hence the title (which is an adaption of moscow art trio’s “instead of making children”, a worthy recommendation for you jazz fans out there), and my mood then was comparable to today’s when i did my tax declaration.

instead of eating burgers(2) in spite of low light and a not so pleasant surrounding – at least i had managed to flee, but came out in the floodplain forest of river saalach, just next to the sewerage treatment plant – i cooled down (literally) and made the best out of it: pictures. and even if they are all but drop-dead-gorgeous, i had a fine hour just concentrating on seeing and creating.


  1. This is amazingly beautiful! What a clever perspective with the reflection. Almost like an ‘underworld’ image. So poetic. I like it very much!

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