Bus Stop

One of those occasions, where everything falls into place: The bus is late for some minutes and the person appears in the window. Now: The right lens is on the camera, the right iso already dialed in, I can just take this one shot, the bus comes and off we go. Was it pure luck? A well-meaning muse? Probable fortune is, when chance meets preparedness.

It doesn’t happen too often.


  1. I was about to write this looks like a Hopper image, but see that Stephen here above came before me (and now also that you tagged it that). ­čÖé Sometimes, you’re just that fortunate, all stars get aligned and the trigger is pressed in exactly that moment. But it’s not only the person, it’s also the light at the scene that adds to the atmosphere. You had your eyes open and that was not luck. Very well executed, and an absolutely lovely result. Something to hang on a wall.

  2. Of course you know the German proverb about the Gl├╝ck and the T├╝chtigem? ­čśë

    The photo has a very unique mood – loneliness, isolation? Yes, Hopper comes to mind, of course.

  3. Martina already pointed at it – I think, the English translation actually works even better here: luck favors the prepared…

    Nice cold and city’esk colors!

  4. It looks like a scene from a movie where the unsuspecting citizen, alone for the night, is viewing the street and sees something bad happen, or perhaps you see a shadow creep up from behind them … very moody.

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