SOS – Maledives sinking – SOS

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Ok, what you are seeing here is just a gimped view into the future. The sad thing is that it is not far from extrapolated reality, except probably the plane. At the time the Maledives are devoured be the rising sea level, there probably will be no kerosene guzzlers transporting tourists away from ruined environment at home into to-be-ruined environment elsewhere. Sorry for sounding pessimistic, unfortunately all my pessimism will be topped by reality.

The presidents of the Maledives seem to be pessimistic as well as you might like to read on BBC (2004) and following. Nobody can claim that we do not know what we are doing. What I really fear are not the consequences for my own life – no cheap gas any more – but the curses of my children and grandchildren.

P.S. In case you didn’t notice: Today is blog action day. Only about 8000 out of the gazillions of blogs are participating. I guess that climate change is still an inconvenient truth.


  1. @Thomas: Welcome in the diaspora – there are not many of us who do not deny truth because of convenience. Unfortunately the link does not work – does one need to be logged in to view the document?

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