Look up!

Look up!(2) I was so busy with that small scenery of grass and lake in almost complete darkness, hiding under a large umbrella held by my tip-toeing daughter, that I did not look up to the mountain and the clouds on the other side of the lake until the kid’s voice told me something about a strange light in the sky. With the clouds moving fast, this mystery soon was resolved: the mountain top hotel of Mt Predigtstuhl, were the world’s oldest large-cabin funicular drops passengers since the year 1928. But in the moving clouds one could have thought that a spaceship was looking for a place to land.


  1. And there I was thinking that the weather had been particularly bad that day, and that the light was the sun struggling through over the peak just before it finally gave up and set. The fact that it’s a funicular is, I have to admit, a better story.

    The photograph, too, is very good.

  2. A very interesting shot. I guess this goes to prove we should all look up every once in a while so as to not miss things happening around us. 🙂

  3. This is a gorgeous shot, lovely red glow with such stunning mountains. Really like the framing with the tree branches, beautifully composed image.

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