Autumn in town

Autumn in town

After yesterday’s feasting in colors, today somewhat more sober autumnal colors from the city. This year’s dry autumn weather makes fall arrive in the city earlier than in the countryside, for the sheer lack of humidity in the restricted room for the roots.


  1. Love Fall…and these are showing all the colors that it brings. I have not been really on the photography roll as of late but hope to get back in gear here. I have missed seeing everyones images especially yours.

  2. I found the new site!!! yay. I was absent for a while and am trying to get caught up.

    These are beautiful. I love the one with the window. Nice!

  3. Gibt einen richtig Heimweh! Bin ans andere Ende der Welt gezogen und schau mir Bilder von DA HEIM an. Wunderschoene Fotos!!

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