Here in Germany nobody uses the term ‘daylight saving time’. It was introduced decades back under the pretense that it would support energy saving, but there are serious doubts: in the end everybody makes best use of the longer evenings, and many activities are connected with energy consumption. We use the term ‘summertime’ here, and that’s the reason for the title.

I found it a quite creative way of tackling the DST problem in a zero-emission-clock, but of course nobody is allowed to be really picky about precision here.

Summertime(2) Bakar is a place of narrow alleys – no vehicle traffic possible there – and one of those you see to the right. Of course there are several rings of motor traffic enabled streets, so it’s only a small number of houses that cannot be reached by cars. To live there is not as comfortable as we would like it, but it certainly gives a good impression of a town that was built some centuries back and left in central parts untouched since then.

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