Pellets Storage Room

For 1.5 days now I have changed the computer keyboard (and the camera) for a power drill, circular saw, cordless screwdriver and so on. Reason was that the pellets storage room for the central heating needed an improved floor to ensure that the material is gravitation-driven moved to the conveyor screw. The old, already angled floor was not steep enough so that huge piles of pellets never got transported to the oven.

My father in law as house-owner was chief engineer while I worked as saw-servant and screw driver. The whole thing was made complicated by the existing floor that was already angled in two directions, so all metering had to take into account those non-horizontals and verticals. Furtheron leading the pellets to a circular transport area required sophisticated bended forms of the new flooring in order not to waste storage room.

Pellets Storage Room(2) Today we finished the bigger and more complicated half, tomorrow we’ll do the rest so that the pellets can be filled into the room this week just in time for the arriving cooler weather. And having warmth out of a renewable energy source is a double comfy feeling.

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