Krk Bracelet

During our holidays in Krk I bought a bracelet and matching armlet from a local artist. The ‘Galerija Dagmar’ is located at the main plaza of Krk and is the showroom of a family of artists. The water colour paintings shown there carry a wonderful reflection of the mediterranean light, and the silver works have a strong unique and dedicated style.
Krk Bracelet(2)
Stowing away and hiding these gems for my wife’s birthday, I decided to use them as subjects for some photography. Confronting them with rock as in the leading image as well as seeing them on a plant as backdrop both seem to me valid interpretations of the jewellers work. The image on the stone received some desaturation as well as local contrast enhancement, whilst the picture with the plant underwent a careful orton effect treatment.


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    Oh, and the jewelry looks really nice on the green leaves.

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