Rarely I have seen such determination as in the posture of this man, wandering to the beer halls of the Octoberfest here in Munich. Prost!


  1. Markus, this picture makes me think some relatives. Look at this famous picture by Sander: http://www.vam.ac.uk/images/image/41125-popup.html

    The first time I saw it I almost fell over because the guy on the left could be my father, and the guy on the right his half-brother, my uncle John. Uncle John could be your guy from the Octoberfest, except he’s 89 now and doesn’t move quite that well any longer.

  2. Haha, nice capture. On my Oktoberfest safaris I did on the last days, I had several chances to photograph drunk or/and puking people, but I refused to do so because of respectfulness for those victims of this fill up machinery.. ­čśë
    But you did it right.

  3. @Johannes: It would probable have not been very wise to try photographing him when/if he’s drunk… No, he was probably completely sober and walking *to* the Octoberfest. But I have rarely seen such a powerful ‘gestalt’.

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