Government Building – Beamtenstock

At those times, when Bad Reichenhall was famous and rich and through it’s salt manufactures contributing one third to the state of Bavaria’s budget…

Can you imagine – a small place of only several thousand inhabitants contributing that much to a state’s budget? (Now it is a small place of just a bit more then average prominence, still struggling to find it’s link to presence and future)

At those times this place was so important that Ludwig I, King of Bavaria, sent his star architekt Friedrich von G√§rtner to erect an administration building in the style of the capital’s (the City of Munich) most important boulevard.

Well, that was then. Now it’s still beautiful, especially early in the morning, when the low sun lets the sycamore trees cast their shadows on the facade.


  1. Walter, that building is really called "Beamtenstock", but this has definitely also a nickname quality, too.

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