The call has ended

Open for interpretations, maybe even inviting to it – I found this empty phone booth on a very late walk back home when the bus hadn’t come, rain was setting, I was tired and all that. No “saturation to the max”, I swear it. The magenta of the handset is like that (this is the brand color of German Telekom), and what is ok in this context can hurt your eyes when you see it on larger installations in historical places.

In case you haven’t found and followed it on Joerg Colberg’s Conscientious, writer/photographer Matt Mendelsohn’s piece The Lessons of Lindsay is highly recommended ‘though tough. And if you are at it, do read a Q & A with Matt about this story here: http://www.sportsshooter.com/news/2267. That this story was published in sportsshooter is a revelating thing in itself – more fitting papers had declined to bring it. Highly recommended.


  1. It's the writing on the plastic box of the phone booth that makes it sing for me. Does it say something like "I heart Meggan?" It looks like felt pen, but on the outside, or carefully written from the inside in reverse to avoid the rain…

  2. Absolutely fantastic, the rain and the off-hook handset really kicks of the imagination. Poetry. The pink handset on that makes it pop art. 🙂

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