up-and-coming cyclists

trying to get at a new ‘airiness’ as well as combining photography with family undertakings, i had to resort to some shots without framing. of course the reject rate was a bit more than marginally higher, however one shot came out as good as expected: those armstrongs-to-be had the road for themselves on a sunny sunday in april, when all cars were banned round attersee in austria. and whilst some made a race out of it, dressed like top performers of the giro, others had their fun and aching muscles the next day.

up-and-coming cyclists(2) and not being pressed (on the contrary, slowed down by the daughters) i had time enough to have a look over the lake to the shore we had passed some hours ago. early spring is a wonderful season, cautious, almost retained sometimes but already full of promises. what a wonderful time.


  1. What a nice and fun family outing on a very beautiful day. Car free day–a wonderful concept seldom heard of here in the USA.
    I would definitely be in the aching muscles category. 😉

  2. Earl,
    this concept actually dates back to 1973, the first oil crisis. Now of course the main purpose is to attract tourists. And the villages and streets and the landscape experience really change without the noise and the endangering by the cars.

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