encounter in red

over at paul lester photography, paul praises david du chemin’s just published book ‘within the frame’. living in germany, i probably have to wait some more days until my copy arrives. the pieces david offered to read in advance sound as motivating as paul’s reflection of his first glance does, so waiting for a book this time is a bit harder than it uses to be.

developing my visualisation powers, not yet my vision, this year seems to be much easier than a year ago. and the unexpected thing is that my interest in photographic gear becomes lower than during the times i had experienced as photographically fruitless. even my love for photo magazines diminuishes, probably because i see clearer now what is just featuring new things, sometimes plainly and painfully superficially.

sofobomo for me is planned as a further boost of my capabilities. in the past months i have tried to compile coherent series and learnt a lot out of that: when shooting i have to have this purpose in the back of my mind. just shooting plenty does not guarantee the connection between good single images. in the meantime i use my free minutes like today when commuting to sharpen my sight and my sensibility for gestalt and color.

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