let the music play

a lazy mothers day brought no new images, instead some hours at the lake (17°c, swimming is possible but no real joy). late in the evening now the flat is quiet, time to go through the pictures of the last weeks again. the rosserer pilgrimage still has some images worth converting from raw. the little conductor from the lead shot perseviringly worked in front of the band and was really disappointed when they decided to have a break.

let the music play(2) their music was genuine, not a single ingratiation to their modern demiotic, tv-popular conterpart. the german word for this demiotic music would be “volkstümlich” which is easily transmogrified to “volksdümmlich” (dümmlich = stupid) which again could find a nice parallel in “dem-idiotic”.

let the music play(3) it’s not that just my other, ranting self just wants to come through again, but this demiotic/overpopular music is more than a nuisance, living on clichees and burying its roots under dogpiles of fake feelings.


  1. the little conductor is great! could amplify how his life would go on. “volksdümmlich” haha, I will memorize that:-) Have a nice week.

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