train of remembrance

the state-run german railway (“reichsbahn” at that time) played a supportive role in the murderous policies and actions of the third reich’s holocaust, transporting the victims – many children among them – into the concentration and extermination camps. the privately organized “train of remembrance” now travels over all the tracks that led to those camps. today it was to be visited in munich terminus.

insensitive enough, the (still state owned) “deutsche bahn” management decided to demand a substantial rent of approx. eur 1000,-/day for each day this train stands in one of the train stations. the munich city council has decided to reimburse those costs and in this way shows a much more appropriate sense of responsibility than the railway management does.


  1. Markus I really like this shot. And you keep mentioning things that make me like Munich (which I’ve never seen) more and more.

  2. I guess they wanted to show that they can be all capitalism in order to support the ongoing sales activities. Or it was just another barbarian clerk from DB who took the decision…

  3. I’m glad places like this are available to the public. Very poignant image of the little boy on the poster. Such promise in his obvious talent. You’ve captured the scene so well.

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