the old espalier

strolling through my surroundings (more often by bike now, trying to save co2 emissions) with the camera can be a real eye opener. the well known places reveal new aspects, details that i saw but did not cherish, and the sequence of development becomes more tangible (given that photons are tangible at all) because i pay much more attention to the right moment for an image. probably some zealots might criticise the camera as a crutch here, ideally everybody should be able to experience life without auxiliary means. but let them criticise, better to have a matching tool than none at all, better to experience with support than not experience at all.

the old espalier(2) a helper can be really valid, as was my daughter, owner of the hands in the picture to the right. changing tires together with her was fun, the support much more than her thin 8-years old arms would indicate. to see, to experience photography sometimes is my helper, and the relationship is bidirectional without doubt: what i see, what my eye and then the sensor captures results in images that hopefully fire perception of others, too. and clara learnt how to use a jack and where and why to apply grease.


  1. smile…. I enjoyed reading your words and thoughts… isn’t it amazing to view our children as the humans they are…a little part of us…yet so much more… love it.

  2. Similar thoughts came up in a conversation I had with a friend the other day. Most of us become blind to our day-to-day surroundings. Carrying a camera constantly makes one pay attention again.

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