snowy snowy trees

spring again got defeated when after a cold night snow set in. whilst i am no fan of grey sludge on the streets, the graphical effect of the thin snow layer on the still leafless tree had its merits.

snowy snowy trees(2) so i took what was there as long as it was there. not much postprocessing, some minor local contrast enhancement and a tiny bit of sharpening was all. the magic for me is in the patterns.

time to start the sofobomo preparation in the evening. last year’s china photo have to make up for training material. scribus has a lot of bells and whistles including adjustable kerning, so you can tweak your book to your heart’s content. starting with a completely empty page however is challenging, so the first thing i did was checking and re-checking with existing examples to find out a recipe for an attractive book.


  1. The second photo has a stronger impact on me – I guess it’s because the underlying major branches (trunks) provide a background structure (or order) on which the pattern of the thin snow-covered branches stands out nicely.

  2. Of the two images I like the first best, it has a kind of internal structure which is both mysterious and self-evident at the same time. An image to return to. The second is much easier to grasp, perhaps a bit too easy on the eyes.

  3. Thomas, Juhaa, your comments pretty precisely mirror my own reactions on those pictures.
    I was drawn back and forth when choosing the image for the lead shot between that additional complexity of viewing through the near, out-of-focus branches and the graphical plausible formation of branches and twigs in a single plane in the second shot.

    I guess both pictures work on different levels, and whilst I was sure about the 2nd, the first left me doubtful for quite a while. Could have been that it was a mere twisted notion that made me select focus and framing like this. Of course it is relieving that I could transport what I was seeing.

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