rock me, amadeus

our spa gardens exhibit quite a number of contemporary art pieces, mostly sculptures. normal, not accentuating lighting situations don’t help to bring attention to those, and for some the place chosen is simply uninspired.

yesterday’s snow however made the scissor-type portrait of a violinist (guess it’s mozart, he is (ab-)used everywhere here for public relation purposes – I stand corrected here: it’s anna-sophie mutter, a german star violinist) really interesting.

rock me, amadeus(2) but even those rusty penguins did not show enthusiasm about the cold weather anymore. but the snow cap brings a nice accent on them.


  1. Those penguins, any idea who made them? I know an artist in Gmünd, Carinthia by the name of Fritz Russ. He specializes in sculptures made of metal, most often old tools, etc. Could it be him?

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