the ‘sleeping witch’ in a winter night

with the right gloves, even photographing in snowfall looses its scaring quality. yesterday evening i had some spare time between appointments, and due to the weather just sneaked into a place where i had been on quite a number of walks.

the 'sleeping witch' in a winter night(2) snowfall transforms all the vistas, softens contours, hides details (no dense photography any more…) but the mood i did enjoy very much – that approaching night, absence of light, dampening of the sounds due to the snow. those 15 minutes really managed to recharge my batteries.


  1. Ahhhhh… Snow! Yes… yes… once upon a Winter it used to fall here in Lancaster County a whole bunch. But not this winter. Instead, I’ve got to go to the wonderful cool blue images you’re revealing of winter, and snow… Thanks…

  2. Love the monochromatic main picture. It is not only cold, but also very pristine and lonly. Not bad, not bad at all.

    You should make a print and store it until high summer. And then put it on the wall as a refreshment…

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