cold winter

back to cold reality. here in my hometown winter is going strong. the scenery above could well be from astrid lindgren’s the tomten, here on youtube.

i don’t want to chime into the ‘waiting for springtime/i love winter’ posts. winter is not my favourite time of the year, but it is the season we will see change all too soon due to the warming of the atmosphere. so i’ll catch it while i can.

today i want to pick up ilan breslers idea to feature a blog which i think is worth to be read: a blog from russia, http://photo.alick.ru/. i can’t read any letter of the posts, but some of the photographs are fascinating. so feel free to follow the link under the thumbnail to the right. and of course, check ilans blog here.


  1. Well, at least you have snow… 😉 Here it just coooold.

    Love the bluish cast in the snow, adds to the frozen feeling.

  2. I love the winter through you photos. Here, in Israel, we barely had rain, so no one speaks of snow at all..
    Amazing photos.

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