sigiriya ruins

late in the day the light was soft and the green regained its power after the blazing sunlight. the combination of the red rocks and the plants was very soothing, calming and inviting for a rest.

this is my first try with the beta of the new bibble5. its region feature allowed to keep the shadows in the center away from pure black while the environment was darkened half an f-stop to compensate the effect of ‘exposing to the right’. this way the picture is less noisy an richer in tonalities in comparison to a shot where big parts are in the left half of the histogram.

the old bibble4 id did like because of its speed already, but the lack of region functions meant that selective editing had to be done in gimp afterwards (i am an all-linux guy), and therefore lightzone was the tool of choice for low iso shots – for high iso its denoising algorithms simply are not state of the art.


  1. Love the result!
    The place look mysterious, like some kind of “magical” hidden hiding place ­čÖé

  2. I know these kind of places are always hard to shoot but like Ilan I really do like the result, – such an amazing place – a kind of shadow box with lots of peace and mysteries inside..

  3. Bibble 5?? Is it out, even in beta? I just went over to, but I seem to be too stupid to find it… I certainly would love to give it an extensive try.

    Nice shot, those muted, rich colors are indeed soothing. Looks like a perfect place for a picknick ­čśë

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