hard ride

probably something for andreas manessinger, who is quite often posting bicycle pictures. i started to travel regularly to sri lanka in 2003, and since then a lot has changed regarding bikes. while you still find a lot of bikes like this – they are just means of transport, and when income is lacking, nobody bothers with repairing – recently leisure biking has started: on sunday morning you find young people on the road on modern bikes, seemingly unaffected of sri lanka motorized traffic endangerment: suicide can be painless here, roadrunning is only for the really tough ones.


  1. Curious how Andreas bikes speak of sculpture, palette, abstraction, and sometimes culture… Here, you’ve gone right for the jugular. This is NOT a compositional element, but rather it speaks of the biker and his level of opportunity. It speaks of determination, and probably fatigue. It speaks of how differently this person’s life is from the one in which my well kept bicycle seat lives.

    It would hang well in an exhibit of Andreas’s powerful bicycle studies. And tell its own story.

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