the old castle

at the moment those late afternoon hours seem to be really rewarding for me. i had tried to portray gruttenstein castle, only 10 min away from our house, on quite some occasions, but all i got were mere reproductions. today’s image is different: the old trees (another found-again partiality) do not reveal much of the castle, but create a mood maybe a bit out of a fairy tale. that’s what i enjoy in here, and it still is quite ‘straight’ photography, not much massaging the raw file.


  1. love the blue tones in your recent posts
    with this one the orange of the setting sun makes the photo really superb

  2. It is an interesting view through the woods to the castle. I would not expect to come across a castle in the woods. Nicely done.

  3. mystery is the word for it. made me think about dracula’s castle. don’t know why :))

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