no diamonds, just rust

one of the rare occasions i could break out of that usual mission cycle of visiting one rainwater harvesting tank or well or toilet after the other, and just take 7 minutes on the road, for a moment concentrating only on shape, graphics structure. not that i would take this monitoring not seriously, it is just that my attention is suddenly grabbed by some details.

no diamonds, just rust(2) and i had to learn the hard way that procrastinating means loss. i cannot come back there for reasons of time and transport – i do have the position thanks to a small gps logger i always have in my pocket – so i try to snap whatever is interesting immediately and without too much fiddling.

no diamonds, just rust(3) the harvest then only begins after returning home, and fighting the jet lag through staying up until late gives the opportunity to go through the collections. diamonds i rarely find, but even rust can be rewarding.

what you see here are fence blinds, attached to the fence posts to give a little privacy on the 250m² plots, where a big part of the life happens in the garden.

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