and the best shot i didn’t get

early morning, shortly after sunrise at the beach. half a dozen fishermen are there, but due to the rough sea beach fishery is impossible. one of them tries with a hand net, half an hour of work results in a handful of really small fishes of maybe zero market value. i decided to leave but was gestured to stay, to wait for that single one boat they own that can go deep sea fishing because it has an outboard motor. and then it comes and brings home the catch: a sailfish that makes 8 us$/kg at the market.

and the best shot i didn't get(2) after shortly posing for me, the men went off to clean the fish, so i guessed. but no – a motobike was waiting, and 50m away from me – too far for my standard zoom – the fisherman takes the rear seat, and with the fish on his shoulder they head for the market. this would have been *the* shot.


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