roof details in the forbidden city

in the maze of the forbidden city, you always get carried on by the masses of tourists (local tourists in my case), but when you manage to reach a corner you can stay for a while and watch the delicate beauty for example of the roof tiles.

roof details in the forbidden city(2) in yesterday’s blog entry i already mentioned b. brechts “questions from a worker who reads”, and this thought accompagnied me throughout the palaces and palaces and palaces. it kind of gets a special connotation in china, as the masses are so big that it’s only to easy to not notice them as individuals as we would do naturally in our home country.

roof details in the forbidden city(3) so it was a feast for the eyes, tiring a bit after 4 hours, and the border to the garden area was most welcome at that time.


  1. Gorgeous details! The lead picture is just… hm, the lead picture, I guess… 😉 As Sherri said, the shallow DOF works great, especially together with the duochrome.

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