freezing in the forbidden city

it seems that the history of the chinese emperor’s regime is in an adapted way now repeating: legions from the working class are doing low paid jobs whilst a small number of highest class are enjoying boundless wealth. The abundant treasures of the forbidden city reminded me immediately of b. brecht’s poem “who built thebes with its seven gates?”.

freezing in the forbidden city(2) freezing cold it was in there and soon it became crowded, too. the sheer number of buildings with their rich ornaments and roof decorations was impressing, the rare water bodies in the interior brought welcome opportunity to enjoy outer reflection, too.

freezing in the forbidden city(3) the dark red (“ochsenblut” in german) was strong, especially in its continuity through the whole palace region, but astonishing was the fact that a chinese visitor chamaeleon-like was adapting this color.


  1. The canal image really captured my attention in this one. It’s obvious no money was spared in the construction of this place.

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