wave of bikers

even with all those 8-lane roads in nanjing, very often nicely framed by newly planted sycamore trees, the bicycle remains the major means of individual transport. bike lanes are broad here, adapted to the masses that use them. astonishing for me is the number of electric bicycles which are a good example of eco-friendly and environment-friendly individual mobility.

wave of bikers(2) air quality however is deplorable as you can guess from this shot. some bicycle riders use masks covering nose and mouth, but those of course will filter only the largest particles. as long as the factories and power plants around are emitting unfiltered, the air quality will not improve.


  1. That’s amazing… A real pleasure seeing such photos, from a place so different from the one I live in 🙂

  2. Brr… that picture gives me the creeps. I’m rather sure that I would like to simply breath the air around me – not chew on it.

    I really looks as if China is going through the industrial development in fast motion. Such a picture could have been easily taken in London say 60 years ago.

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