chinese garden, nanjing

taking a rest from ‘re nao’, the chinese expression for ‘hot and loud’. for me, who is coming from a small town in the bavarian mountains, a city like nanjing with 7.5 million inhabitants is really stressful. so i did enjoy this quiet garden with the harmonious forms of the roofs, the ponds and the plants which look nice even in late autumn.

chinese garden, nanjing(2)this bonsai i found in zhonghuamen, a restaurated gate in the 12 m high city wall – the longest in the world as the guide told me proudly – and an elder couple was taking care of these trees and enjoyed my attention. unfortunately i was to shy to ask them for the opportunity of a portrait…

chinese garden, nanjing(3)zhonghuamen itself consists of three gates in a row, in between deep spaces where every enemy would become easy prey for the soldiers standing on the wall. notice the modern skyline of nanjing in the smog, not so far away.


  1. beautiful I love the color and the shapes of the plants…just beautiful

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