no words, just patterns

everything else I do know precisely thanks to the exif data, even the place:

no words, just patterns(2) This is the result on clicking on this link and switching to satellite map. technical background? a cheap gps logger, the transystem bt 747 and (because i am a dedicated linux user and programmer) some perl code to find the correct coordinates via the exif time stamp of the picture. similar software is available for windows and the mac. nice gadget, and saves some note-taking.


  1. I really like this composition – makes me wonder what it says, what is going on. At least I can read the numbers! The photo is nice and soft, yet the details are so crisp and clear. Well done!

  2. Nice shot here. My youngest son knows a few of the Japanese writing styles. I think they are so graceful to look at even though I cannot read them myself.

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