dec. 1st: world aids day

since 20 years december 1st is celebrated as world aids day. it’s only too easy to perceive this as a problem of “the others”, subconsciously letting your prejudice block the thoughtful observation. It’s a task for all of us to show solidarity and support, it is this what makes us human.

dec. 1st: world aids day(2) fighting this terrible disease deserves our attention and help, especially when when it hits the poorest among the poor. but it also deserves attention when teaching our kids, in order not to offer only oversimplified solutions, but the open, clear and concise knowledge how to avoid the risks.

the picture to the right is copyright united nations. you can download it from here. the lead picture shows a chinese condom vending machine, found in nanjing.


  1. Special Data Agency of the United Nations for AIDS, UNAIDS announced there are 84 countries that agree with the prohibition of sex relationship with the same / / Executive Director of UNAIDS / Peter Piot disclose at this time / only 26 percent of countries that have laws to protect men sex with men / / Since 2006 / declaration in the political / state leaders have agreed to remove legal obstacles to protect vulnerable populations / ie / injection drug users / homosexuality and prostitutes / / Peter expects that all countries can expand access to prevention and treatment of HIV / and make regulations The strengths that can legal protection from discrimination with HIV / duress and monitor their personal lives / / According to Peter / several countries and local institutions / are considering to make homosexuality a crime / / They monitor the movement of technology with HIV / and force to rehabilitate sex workers and drug enthusiast / psikotripika and substance aditif / / In violated the steps of human rights and improve the stigma against vulnerable populations / / Peter asserts / if some institutions and the government does not respect human rights in people who have a different sexuality / so difficult to end this epidemic / / /

  2. Yes, this is the truly sad side of the story: As it is mostly related to sexuality, fighting it means endless conflicts with so-called traditional values, being them real ones or just camouflage for any tradition of suppression. A long struggle lies ahead, with daily innocent victims.

  3. it’s very nice to know that this sensibility is spread throughout the world (as that Chinese sign says). really nice.

  4. powerful message indeed…. we do not hear much about this topic in the state of Idaho. Saddens my heart that AIDS is common and so many people still struggle for help and health.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. We seem to have gotten far to accustomed to the presence this – stilly untreatable, deadly – disease.

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