little tiger

my thanks go to athine. of course you don’t know who athine is, so i will tell you. for the current world urban forum in nanjing, the chinese organizers recruited more than 2000 volunteers, mainly students with a major in english. athine is one of them, and she accompagnied our bus from the airport to the hotel. chatting with her, she gave me the advice to go to zonghuamen early in the morning, where i would find locals doing free air exercises. this way i got the chance for this picture of that girl doing her exercises and getting advice for improvement

little tiger(2)china is definitely worth many words, a lot of praise, but i also see the restrictions: numerous blogs i can’t read, http://blog.andreas-manessinger.info/ to name just one example. why? i don’t know, but china is like this…


  1. Amazing shot! At first glimpse it looks as if the two of you took at least half an hour for discussing the posture and getting the perspective right. But I guess it wouldn’t feel so “natural” then.

  2. Woah! Of course it’s because of my tremendous political influence. Whole continents are under my spell 🙂

    Well, who knows. You can’t effectively filter the Internet without lots of collateral damage. Some are stupid enough to not care, some are ruthless enough.

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