street portrait

coming from a city where the average age is almost 50 years, china at first sight is a country of young people. but in the quieter places you can see the interesting faces of the elderly, taking a walk, doing tai-chi in the parks or simply walking backwards for training purposes. the latter is not a joke, as i had thought at first, but writing reminds me that i have to take a picture of this.

street portrait(2) walking the bird is another habit unknown in western countries but frequent to see here in china. in zonghuamen here in nanjing people gather with their birds in cages so that the singing out of one cage stimulates the other birds to do the same. the whole thing for sure is not without problems as the cages are probably too small and many of the birds are captured from the wild.


  1. walking the bird….. thats wonderful… I love seeing older people such as myself as they age as our faces often times speak our story…. fabulous Fifty is a good time I think… we Americans should enjoy it more!

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