martyrs day: one euphemism more

the local heroes in sri lanka are a sad affair: that ‘martyrs day’ poster is from eprlf, eelam people’s revolutionary liberation front. this group now fights together with the sri lanka government against the ltte, liberation tigers of tamil eelam. and doleful heroes they (and many of the others) are: yesterday 3 young tamil men were found on the coast, hands bound and shot to death. this is a fight of so many groups against each other, on the side of the goverment or against it, among themselves or against an (imaginative) enemy.

martyrs day: one euphemism more(2) i was trying to seek beauty here, wander with open eyes and a quiet mind, but this sad reality does not let me go. everywhere, and even more in every talk you have with a local, that tragic reality of especially the life of the tamils here is present


  1. I guess wandering around with an open eye is such an environment makes it impossible to find beauty (or even peace) without reality lurking its ugly head.

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