batticaloa fishermen, again

martin doonan posted some days ago about blog action day and this years topic of global poverty. as poverty is what i am constantly confronted with when on mission in sri lanka – and what guides my actions, too – i gladly took up his reminder and registered. so you will see in the following days many pictures around this matter.

those fishermen in batticaloa i visit regularly since 2005, just see here, here or here. many of those lost relatives and all their belongings in 2004’s tsunami. the curve of their net and their silhouettes are an ongoing fascination for me

batticaloa fishermen, again(2) the man in this portrait is actually a beneficiary of our project, and i hope to get more details about him soon. up to then take this as an expressive face with trails of deepest injuries.


  1. you know in sri lanka fishermen consider it very rude when people come and watch them haul in the big net without giving a hand. it’s good manners to join in. sometimes they give you a bit of the catch as show of gratitude.

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