growing old in kalmunai

62 years, sick, shaking with probably fever, unhcr provided temporary shelter even almost 4 years after the tsunami, because there is no money to rebuild the house. living on approx. 60 US$ a month which is not much with fuel prices comparable to europe. health care is provided for free, but that also means that not much can be provided for a poor man.

(through our project he got pipe water access. it is not much, for sure, but many don’t have even this.)

being a tamil, he will not walk through the muslim parts of the city after dark (nor do the muslims go to tamil areas). he feels lucky if there is no further confrontation between those ethnic/religious groups as it has happened too many times in the past.

my own needs, fears and wishes look so surreal when confronted with this situation. fortunately my own abilities to make pictures fade away are not below average.
the age of 62 certainly feels different in the g8.

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