batticaloa fishermen or the rewards of procrastination

finding a time to go for a photowalk to the beach at sunrise was difficult during the last mission – jet lag, early appointments, changes of the venue and so on. in the end, i had to take the last morning – and ended up without visible sunrise due to the clouds.

2959723294_73dcc2bf55_b_d2959719732_10d1096036_b_dnot wanting to return without any picture, i overcame my shyness and asked the fishermen by gesture if they would allow me to take their pictures. and indeed this was not a problem, but the display of the camera broke the ice and we all had fun time.

2958875837_cd97f98560_b_d2959728600_b03175d843_bso what did i learn from this morning: procrastination is not necessarily evil, but will demand more flexibility. to overcome shyness is not that difficult but also a question of self-esteem. having decided to bring an album with the portraits for my next visit makes the whole thing a much less one-sided affair.


  1. Superb set of portrait. The main you, the one that appears on top, is truly remarkable. Great colors and expression.

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