japanese landscape, bavaria

japanese layered mountains were my immediate association when i saw the clouds moving up on mt. predigtstuhl, seen from the middle of my hometown bad reichenhall. in fact this shot was quite extreme with a 450mme tele lens, so i had to massage the raw file quite a bit in lightzone to bring out those tufts of the clouds moving in and out, obscuring and revealing.

last week our city council voted against the construction of a statue of lord jesus on the top of predigtstuhl. it seemed a bit to be ‘adabei’ (bavarian slang for someone who’s pretending to create to participate in public attention) and even the churches objected because the feeling was only too overwhelming, that this was just an imitation of rio de janeiro’s statue and only for economical reasons.


  1. The blue’ish colors certainly work for me, it’s nearly monochrome… In my eye that supports the swirling of the clouds rather nicely. A real peek into something misty and far, far away..

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