making a flower necklace

i was waiting quite a while for good, warm october weather – we had to have it now, especially as an economic factor for the benefits of the octoberfest and the poor landlords there, who are always on the brink of bankruptcy if there is not a new record in the number of sold hectolitres of beer.

so we had our fine weather and the kids took advantage of it to make flower necklaces of the very last daisies, and i took advantage of this to exercise my venerable 20+ years old 1.7/50mm lens – i am a shallow depth of field freak, i have to admit.


  1. This is such a classic photo of childhood! I love this little girl’s focused expression as she weaves her flower necklace.

    It’s one of those photos that will be a family treasure – a memory frozen in time. Nice work, Markus!

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