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White tulips in the spa gardens, Bad Reichenhall
White tulips in the spa gardens, Bad Reichenhall

untypical for tulips, these are white. my favourite raw editor lightzone, which is now available as a commercial and supported product for linux – thanks lightcrafts – proved to be an excellent tool to just enhance the local contrast in the one focused tulip. the shot was taken with a more than 20 year old glass which i do like very much for its creamy bokeh when used white open.

the tulip to the right is red, but as red is so abundant in springtime pictures, i went for ‘something completely different’ and used the b&w conversion of lightzone. the region tool allowed me to additionally blur distracting foreground elements.
those two shots were made during a two hour excursion with friends from the local photo group. having worked very concentrated for the whole day, it was a pleasure and recreation to come into a “flow” of photographing, just focusing on composition, framing. this happened regardless of the expected results and forms a great part of the pleasure photography gives me.

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  1. Congrats to you for getting Lightzone back. As regards the image, I like it. Maybe I’d push a tad more warmth into it, though.

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