flare obviously is a weak spot of the tamron 11-18, on the other hands the situation present was pretty extreme and the front lens not completely clean. oh yeah, there is something to learn from every shot… the rock formation down there is really gorgeous and i decided to come back in june to get some flood water shots. 1954 water level was so high that the whole canyon was flooded, some 5 m higher than the standpoint of this shot.

the 2nd image is from the same canyon, just a detail of the rocks. the whole place, a visitor balkony glued to the rocks maybe 10 m above the water and 20 or even more m below the surface makes you feel pretty small and humble, especially if you are almost alone like this time on a rainy father’s day.


  1. Sounds like an interesting place to be. It would have been great to have some kind of measure in the photo tha provides a sense of scale, it’s a bit hard to get a feeling of whether the canyon is 50cm or 5 m wide. From your use of the 11-18mm lens, I guess it must be more 5 m…

    I certainy like the rock textures and their weathered face. Nice details in the shades also.

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