i confess, i confess, i confess: i too am guilty of the inevitable spring flower macros, encroaching the photographic websites from all directions now. ok, flickr has always high times for flower shots, and a lot of people turn up their nose on this. but even andreas manessinger already found himself seduced by flowers again… mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.

—so what: only rarely i have found such pure colors, such unity of form and color, and such photogenic qualities helping my vision and craftsmanship to overcome pure reproduction and turn into feeling, sensing.

so i confess being guilty. but i don’t mind.


  1. Lovely red; there’s nothing wrong with flower images Markus 🙂

  2. No, definately not. Nothing’s wrong with them. We’re all drawn to them, I guess it’s really in our genes.

    So, let’s just give in and enjoy the ride…:)

  3. Oh, I’m guilty too. Guilty of neglecting all my friends online. I do mind, but I can’t help it either. Anyway: better late than never, I guess.

    I really love this color combination. The muted teal/green and the brightly saturated red. There’s a lesson here: an image can only sing one song!

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