stormy weather

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after the storm has been ebbing, i dared to go out again without having to fear flying branches or roof tiles. winds were still fierce so I captured the moving leaves.

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a second try where the shaking spring snowflakes here. So my new tripod proved to be a stable support for the camera even in such windy situations. the strange thing is that nobody of my friends shares my joy about the tripod. everbody tries to avoid using one whenever possible. but my impression is that some shots i would have never gotten without one, some shots come out a lot sharper, and, the most important thing: it slows me down! i take more time to think and afterwards to chimp and check the composition on the display and i got the feeling that overall it’s sometimes worth the hazzle.


  1. Interesting. I guess I should try one of these myself. If I may choose: I’m all for the flowers. This looks like some really severe wind.

    Hmm … I think a variation from a very low perspective, presumably with a macro lens, could have been very dramatic, but I can understand that you didn’t want to lie down 🙂

    In Carinthia the storm was rather calm, and today we had bright sunny weather. I had a short interruption of the train in Styria though, and that made me miss the last underground, but for me that was all.

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