salzburg from mönchsberg

back to salzburg after a long time, and for the first time on the mönchsberg. the weather was fine for a short time and the sun already low at 3:00 pm which caused fine shadows and a great plasticity in the structures below. my favourite is this jumble of roofs and chimneys, lined up along a curved street with market stalls deep down in the shadow.

Click to enlarge: dsc00708bb.jpg

the cupolas and towers of the churches of salzburg of course form a nice scenery for themselves, and especially from this high vantage point of the so called “stadtalm” they are arranged almost in layers. aah, and if i only could blog the taste of the beer up there…

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  1. Tena koe ehoa
    I thinks there is a quintessential element of society that images such as yours gives us as viewers the opportunity to explore and perhaps learn about. It’s like this is a hurried occupation of space that occurred in the time of initial habitation and with signs similar to that, we get to form speculative images of what life and the people may have been like.
    This is without doubt for me a very European-ised exclamation of housing and of impressed societal structure.
    What is really good I think is that images such as yours become aspect of visual documentation with we can learn about a past and to some extent, a present.

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