Schönram bog, deeply frozen

i love this picture, but as the author i am allowed to be biased. i was told it does not contain a center of interest, and in the classic sense, this is true.

what i love in this picture is the shere abundance of colors, forms and structures. mute, like holding it’s breath, but there and so manifold that it’s almost unbelievable. creation provides, gives, cares…

to make it very clear: i am no evangelical or jehova’s witness denying evolution. it’s just that i can see both sides now and then.

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  1. It seems to be one of those pictures that carry a lot of atmosphere and remembrance. So I guess, it really makes a huge difference on whether one was actually on location or not.

    Additionally, I would assume that this shot works best on a big screen or print. Web-view might limit the experience a bit…

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