Brueghel pixit

a cold winter afternoon, and i was just checking skating opportunities with the family. my daughter had already cold feet so she was very impatiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures.

i already had this feeling of seeing a Brueghel like landscape (look at the return of the hunters) earlier in the Schönram bog resp. on the lake there, but the monastery of Höglwörth was necessary to add this certain mediaval touch to the picture.


  1. Yes, that’s a nice one. I’d only clean up the remains of the things that you cut off at the lower border.

    I wish you a Happy New Year!


  2. Happy 2008, Markus!

    Nice,you still seem to have some decent snow. Here it’s back to good old “dull ‘n gray”…

  3. You’ve made time stand still as if it were captured in ice. This has a wonderful feeling of a 18th century winter moment. I can imagine so much of period costumes and apparatus all waiting around the ice. Your color palette reinforces the wintery feel. Some would argue this should be a monochrome, but no, you’ve captured exactly the way color lightly touches things in winter. All of the parts work.

    Thanks for sharing,


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